Portraits of contemporaries

In this series of portraits, Elena Begma demonstrates beauty and strength of modern people, who are ambitious and goal-oriented, yet still preserving their spirituality, that drives them for the permanent search of meaning.

People have decorated themselves with a thick layer of paint and look like exotic birds. Only the eyes reveal their inner state.

Large scale of the paintings intensify the impression of extensive brushstrokes and explosive color palette. If you look long enough, the logic stops working and it seems that these very images had been covered under the skin and revealed during portraying.

Natasha. Oil, canvas. 100х100 cm. 2016.

Ilia. Oil, canvas. 100х100 cm. 2016.

Игорь. Холст, масло. 100х100 см. 

Angella. Oil, canvas. 100х100 cm. 2016.

Slava. Oil, canvas. 100х100 cm. 2016.

Olya. Oil, canvas. 100х100 cm. 2016.

Igor. Oil, canvas. 100х100 cm. 2016. 

Elena. Self-portrait. Oil, canvas. 70х70 cm. 2019.

Dasha. Oil, canvas. 70х70 cm. 2019.

Nastya. Oil, canvas. 70х70 cm. 2019.

Elena Begma created the portraits in her studio. First, she covered the models’ faces with paint and only after that transferred these images to the canvas. These oil paintings were solely handcrafted using small brushes.

Scrupulous detailing of these artworks is the artist’s signature.

Aleksandra Nevskogo proezd 6, Ilyinskoe-Usovo, Novorizhskoe shosse, Krasnogorsky district, Moscow region, Russia 143421

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